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The DESIR project sets out to strengthen the sustainability of DARIAH and firmly establish it as a long-term leader and partner within arts and humanities communities.

  • Maintain, expand and develop DARIAH in its capacities as an organisation and technical research infrastructure
  • To engage its members further, and measure and increase their trust in DARIAH
  • Expand the DARIAH network in order to further integrate new regions and communities

WP6 Trust Goals

  • Measure trust in cross-disciplinary DARIAH communities and new core groups;
  • Develop strategies to increase confidence in DARIAH services and infrastructure;
  • Enlarge DARIAH by engaging new cross-disciplinary communities.


  • An academically-driven multi-country survey to explore if DARIAH is reaching the target communities in terms of use and access and to analyse if these communities perceive DARIAH as a reliable,
    • Implemented in DARIAH member countries and other countries where membership is being prepared.
    • Addressed to users and potential users of DARIAH (506 respondents).
  • Individual interviews with key informants in three levels of decision-making to define proposals and recommendations for each level of decision in view to a sustained growth of DARIAH:
    • Regular users of digital humanities;
    • Institutional decision-makers (universities, research units, cultural heritage organizations);
    • National decision-makers (funding agencies, national infrastructures managers).

The recommendations result from the following sources:

  • DESIR survey
  • Qualitative interviews
  • NCC meeting in Warsaw (May 2019)
  • Contributions of DESIR partners
  • Winter School “Shaping New Approaches to Data Management in Arts and Humanities”


  • Maria Fernanda Rollo (coordinator)
  • Filipe Guimarães da Silva
  • Inês Castaño
  • João Fernandes
  • Maria do Rosário Jorge
  • Maria Inês Queiroz

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